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 Andrew Blasco's Kill Kitchener Available Now


In 1899, Fritz Duquesne, an aristocratic South African, is sent to England for his formal education. During his time there, tensions rise between the British and his homeland as the age of African colonialism peaks. A boiling point is reached between Fritz and his adopted brethren when he is sent back home—this time as a commissioned British army officer.

Simultaneously, the screams for freedom are still being heard just on the other side of the Irish Sea. There John MacBride does anything to join the revolutionary Irish Brotherhood and end the British occupation of his island once and for all. With funding running low for their cause, MacBride is forced to seek financial backing from overseas. This leads him to South Africa where the recent discovery of gold has drawn the attention of everyone looking to exploit the newfound riches, including the ever-hungry British Empire.


A novel by Andrew Joseph Blasco

Hansen Publishing Company


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Andrew Joseph Blasco

Andrew Blasco was born to hardworking, middle-class parents in central Pennsylvania and is the youngest of three children, including his twin brother. His father arranged the first job Andrew and his brother would hold at the age of fourteen: janitors at the local school. Shortly after college, Andrew waded into politics serving on several campaigns ranging from local to federal offices. After serving as staff in the U.S. House of Representatives, he began lobbying various industries in Harrisburg that included issues from gambling to medicine. He has also served as the head of industry nonprofits and has started several business ventures.


An avid outdoors man, he enjoys hunting and camping with his family and friends. He still lives in rural Pennsylvania with his wife, Shawna, and their two children, Jude and Genevieve.



"Fans of Bernard Cornwell, Giles Kristian, Conn Iggulden and Michael Punke can flock behind this one, a perfect blend of fiction and history. From what I can gather there is a lot to cover in the future/past so there is plenty of growing space for this new author and fingers crossed we hear more from Blasco and Fritz soon."  - Si, Good Reads

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